Specialty Items

Broadhead Sharpener

EZE-LAP Broadhead Sharpener

Broadhead Sharpener

Diamond pads aligned at the precise angles allow for quick sharpening for most types broadheads. Includes a handy diamond knife and hook sharpener to create the complete sharpener.

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Eze-Hone Sharpener



Diamond plane blade sharpener. Effectively sharpens planer / joiner blades

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Chisel Care Kit

EZE-LAP Chisel Car Kit

Chisel Care Kit

EZE-LAP Model 66, in Super Fine or Fine grit, with a sharpening guide that will work on either chisels or planer blades.

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Stick Files

Eze-Lap Special Use Files

Special Use Files

6″ x 1/4″ Diamond file on 1/4″ thick substrate.

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Ceramic finishing stones to give you the finest edge possible.

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