Question: What is the best way to clean my sharpener?

Answer: We would suggest Comet or Ajax and some warm water. Using an old toothbrush, scrub until clean.

Question: What grit would I use on kitchen knives?

Answer: The appropriate grit would be fine (600). Popular stones for this use would be Round Sharpeners, Models P and G and Oval Sharpeners.

Question: What model of sharpener is best to use on serrated blades?

Answer: The best models are the Hook and Knife, Model ST, and the EZE-Fold, Model 571.

Question: What is the best angle for sharpening?

Answer: The best angle is 7° – 10° angle.

Question: What is the thickness of the credit card stone?

Answer: .056″

Question: What is the diameter of the Round Diamond Sharpener, Model M and Model S?

Answer: The Model M is 1/4″ in diameter and the Model S is 3/16″.

Question: What is the diameter of the Hook and Knife Sharpener, Model C?

Answer: The Model C sharpener is 7/32″ in diameter.

Question: How can you tell if the knife is sharpening?

Answer: Use a felt-tipped pen and draw a line on the edge of the blade. Now sharpen the blade and notice that the mark will come off as you sharpen.

Question: Should I use oil or water on the stone when sharpening?

Answer: Either is fine and neither will hurt the stone. However, oil will tend to clog the stone and it will need to be cleaned more often than when using water.

Question: Which of your sharpeners would you recommend for sharpening a machete in the field.

Answer: We would suggest that you use one of our EZE-Fold sharpeners. Either the Model 501 fine grit or the 520 Double-Sided with fine grit on one side and coarse grit on the other.

Question: My EZE-LAP sharpening stone did not break, but it came off its wood backing plate. What should I do?

Answer: You can either re-glue it using contact cement or epoxy. Or if you would rather, you can return it to us and we will repair it for you.

Question: I bought three of your 2.5″ x 11″ laps to install in my Multi-stone fixture. I know the laps are compatible with water, but you say nothing about thier compatibility with oils or other lubricants. The Multi-stone fixture is built so that the stones move through a lubricant (mineral oil) as they are rotated. This simplifies the cleaning of the stones. What I need to know is:

* Will the metal substrate rust if it is left in water?
* Is the bonding agent that you use compatible with mineral oil, light oils such as 3-in-1, and kerosene?
* Will continuous exposure to water or one of the above liquids soften or damage the bonding agent?

Answer: As with any metal piece, it should not be left in water. Even though the stone is coated in nickel, if left for long periods of time in water, it could eventually rust. You do not need to worry about compatibility or damage to the bonding agent with regard to mineral oil, light oils or kerosene.