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EZE-LAP Diamond Products

Select the finest sharpeners in the world from these categories:

Round Diamond Sharpeners
Our most versatile sharpeners, for both men and women. These models can sharpen anything - knives, scissors, etc. Some models have groves for fish hooks. Model "M" the sportsman's favorite, comes with a handy leather belt pouch. The "G" and "P" models are great for home, camping or professional use.

Oval Diamond Sharpeners

Diamond Hone & Stone
Very effective in hard to get places, carbide table saws blades, router bits, deburring many uses include - hunting and fishing knives, axes, woodworking tools and carbides.

Broadhead Sharpener
Diamond pads aligned at the precise angles allow for quick sharpening for most types broadheads. Includes a handy diamond knife and hook sharpener to create the complete sharpener.

Chainsaw   Sharpeners
This revolutionary Diamond Sharpener with a Precision Guide will provide the user with a fail safe sharpening system that will sharpen faster and more accurately than competitive products. The EZE-LAP in the quickest, easiest and most economic sharpening system available. Both models have a 1/8" shank that can be used effectively in most sharpening devices, including any common household hand drill. Model CSR shank is also threaded for use in some specialty devices.

Credit Card Size Stone
2" x 3 1/4" credit card sized stone available in one or two stone sets in all grit options.

EZE-FOLD Diamond Sharpeners
EZE-FOLD models have a carrying case that unfolds into a handle. When closed the case protects the diamond surface. When open the case becomes a functional handle.

Diamond Stones
Diamond Stones are perfect for hunting, and fishing knives, woodworking tools, exacto blades, axes and industrial use. No oil or water is necessary, the surface will remain true and flat. many stones are available in super fine to extra coarse diamond and multiple shapes and sizes from 1" x 3" to 8" x 8".

Camp Combo
An EZE-FOLD knife sharpener with knife and sheath from Frost Cutlery.

Chisel Care Kit
A 2" x 6" diamond Stone with Leather Pouch and a sharpening guide that will work on either chisels or planer blandes. Also comes with Sentry Solutions TUF-Cloth™ multi-purpose dry protectant that cleans, prevents rust and lubricates without oils or silicones.

Double-sided Stones
2" x 6" and 3" x 8" stones in grit combinations of SuperFine/Fine, Superfine/Medium, Superfine Coarse, Fine/Medium, Fine/Coarse and Medium Coarse.

Diamond Needle File Sets
Gunsmiths, tool and die makers , jewelers, stockmakers, rely on EZE-LAP needle files to get the job done. EZE-LAP offers twelve different shapes of diamond needle files. Two durable efficient grits - fine (600 grit) and coarse (250 grit). 5.5 inches (14 cm) overall length (O.A.L.) and shank diameter of 0.118 inches (3 mm).

Sharpening Kit
Knife sharpening kit includes knife clamp, angle guides, guide rods, roll pouch and a Superfine, Fine and Medium diamond sharpening stone.

Special Use Files

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